About Professionals

KBIP Builders, we pride ourselves in our extensive and comprehensive knowledge of Civil and Architectural engineering. The basis for our knowledge and expertise begins with our Principals.

KBIP is directed by two principals who oversee the project teams, consisting of engineers, designers, and field and support staff. At this time, we are using this page to highlight our Principals and their respective experience and expertise.

Sathyajith KALEKATTU

Architectural designer and visualizer for all commercial and residential building & Vastu Consultation experience in last 11 years.
    Architectural Designer


He is a Civil Engineer and Structural Designer in last 20 years of experience with serve state government. Specialised in Bridges and Elevators
    Civil Engineer


He is a Structural Designer of Commercial Building in last 31 years of experience with serve state government. Specialised in Superstructures.
    Civil Engineer

Our Strategy

As a civil engineering firm, focused on the specialty of best designs, KBIP Builders exists to use our collective abilities to help others live a better life by bringing project to people for their beneficial use.

Stated simply, we exist to contribute to the improvement of society. As a firm, we recognize our role as consultants and value our clients needs, objectives, and desires. Without our clients KBIP would not exist. We are committed to serving our clients best interests.

Civil Engineering 95%

Structural Designing 97%

Architectural 98%


The mission of our office is to provide policy, programs, technical services, oversight and outreach related to safety and occupational health matters in support of USACE missions worldwide..


Develop and integrate new technologies with our existing technology base; and manage all technical aspects.


The KBIP Builders, requires each executive agency to establish and maintain cost-effective Value Engineering procedures and processes..


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Contact Details

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Email: help@kbip.org
Website: www.kbip.org

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